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Sunshine and your Gums

July 18th 2015

Great dental news for all of us in Turks and Caicos! Some research recently published in the journal of Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology (UK) has reinforced previous studies in the connection between a lack of sunlight and gum disease. Approximately one billion people globally are estimated to be vitamin D deficient but due to our glorious weather here in TCI we have no excuse not to be getting our full dose.

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Oil Pulling

July 4th 2015coconut-oil

I’ve been asked by several patients about the practice of ‘Oil Pulling’. ‘Is it effective?’ ‘Do I recommend it?’ ‘Is it better or worse than a regular mouth wash?’ I thought this week I would use my column to consider the pros and cons of oil pulling and try and solve some of the mystery and myths surrounding it.

What is Oil Pulling?
It actually dates back thousands of years and is based in Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional Indian system. It involves rinsing or ‘swishing’ oil- typically coconut, sesame or sunflower- around the mouth and teeth for up to 20 minutes before spitting it out with the view being that it removes bacterita and promotes a healthier mouth.

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How caring for your teeth saves you money!

June 6th 201holding-money

Can good dental care save money? The short answer is yes! According to some estimates, regular preventive dental care can reduce overall treatment costs by as much as 10 times! Good oral hygiene and dental care, which includes daily brushing and flossing, and regular checkups at the dentist, means less dental problems (and pain!), less chance of losing your natural teeth and over a lifetime can quite significantly reduce the money you spend on your teeth. Additionally, good oral hygiene is proven to help in the prevention of some systemic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease thereby helping maintain good general health and potentially save you money on your general healthcare costs too.

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Dental X-rays

May 9th 2015


When a dentist examines your mouth, they learn a lot about the health of your teeth, gums and other areas of the mouth just by looking. However, what a visual examination does not reveal is what is happening under the gums. Dental X-rays (or radiographs) are able to reveal what is happening inside and between the teeth, and within the bone and so provide the dentist with a fuller picture to faciliate an accurate diagnosis.

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Oral Health for Diabetics

April 25th 2015


For people living with diabetes, high blood sugar can take a toll on your entire body- including your teeth and gums. Added to this, gum problems can be more common than for other people and the consequences can be potentially worse. The good news is that prevention is in your hands and it does not have to be complicated, significantly different to that followed by a non-diabetes sufferer or expensive.

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What is Gingivitis?

April 11th 2015

shutterstock_20780851You may have heard this word used by your dentist or in relation to oral health, but what actually is gingivitis?

Gingivitis means inflammation of the gums (gingiva) and is the most common and mild form of oral disease. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, approximately 15% of adults 21- 50 years old, and 30% of adults over 50 have gum disease. It is characterized by inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

If teeth are not regularly and adequately brushed, plaque is left to build-up on the teeth. This is the soft, sticky, white film that forms on the teeth when starches and sugars react with the bacteria that is naturally present in the mouth. Plaque buildup occurs between the teeth and gums, around faulty fillings, and near poorly cleaned partial dentures, bridges, and braces. If not removed within 72 hours, plaque will harden into calculus or tartar that cannot be removed by brushing or floss.

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Oral Health during Pregnancy

28th March 2015

shutterstock_117912196Good all-round health is vital for a mother to produce a healthy baby and this most definitely extends to the health of the mother’s mouth. The mouth is an obvious portal of entry to the body, and oral health reflects and influences general health and well being. Several studies have proven that maternal oral health has significant implications for birth outcomes and infant oral health.

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Ancient Roman Teeth

14th March 2015



With my wife and middle son having just returned from a trip to Rome, Italy, I thought this was an interesting and fun piece of research to report on. According to a study of skulls at the Natural History Museum led by a King’s College London periodontist, the Roman-British population from c. 200-400 AD (so not far off 2000 years ago!) appears to have had far less gum disease than we have today. The surprise findings provide further evidence that modern habits – particularly smoking- can be damaging to oral health.

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Oscar-Winning Smile!

28th February 2015sup1l

Having watched the Academy Awards last night, do you ever wonder how the actors and actresses achieve such beautiful and perfect smiles? I can guarantee that the vast majority will not have been blessed with naturally straight, white, even teeth and will have had various types of treatment to achieve these gorgeous smiles. Below I have outlined a few of the more common treatments that are available to help you create that Oscar-winning smile!

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Tooth Loss in Seniors

14th February 2015


A recent study conducted by University College London found that the memory and walking speeds of adults who have lost all of their teeth decline more rapidly than in those who still have some of their own teeth.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, looked at 3,166 adults aged 60 or over and compared their performance in tests of memory and walking speed. The results showed that the people with none of their own teeth performed approximately 10% worse in both memory and walking speed tests than the people with teeth.

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