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Prevention is Better than Cure

September 22nd, 2012


As is true with all aspects of healthcare, prevention of dental problems is better than needing treatment: it is better for the long-term health and strength of your teeth and it is usually better for the health of your wallet!

It is no catastrophe if an adult requires the odd filling over the course of his/her lifetime. This can occur to even the most diligent of people.

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Sept 8th, 2012

A filling (or restoration) is required when there is a cavity (hole) in the tooth. The filling will replace the missing enamel and dentine which make up the hard parts of a tooth.

A hole can occur for several reasons- decay, abrasion and erosion. Decay occurs when sugars and/ or acid have been allowed to build up and attack the enamel of the teeth. Abrasion happens when an area of the tooth has been worn away, and erosion occurs when the enamel has begun to dissolve due to the direct effects of acid on the tooth. This can be seen for example if you consistently eat lots of citrus fruits, suffer with stomach acid reflux or vomit on a regular basis.

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