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Sugar-free Chewing Gum

February 27th 201mint-gum_1024


A new study has recently been published in the UK which appears to show the benefit of chewing sugar- free gum as part of your dental hygiene regime. The study was conducted by the Peninsula Dental School at Plymouth University and The Wrigley Company, which, as a company that produces chewing gum, you cannot be criticized for thinking has a rather vested interest in demonstrating this benefit. So, what really is the truth here?

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Gum Disease and Breast Cancer

February 6th 2015

shutterstock_120873289New research has suggested that postmenopausal women who suffer from periodontal disease are at a significantly increased risk of developing breast cancer.

The study looked at the cases of breast cancer in more than seventy thousand women over almost seven years and identified those that had periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, were fourteen per cent more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Researchers believe the link could be the result of a systemic inflammation which originates in the infected gums; they also suggest that bacteria from the mouth may enter the circulatory system through the gums which then affects the breast tissue. However, they do state that more research is required in order to identify the specific relationship.

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