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Which Mouthwash?

November 23rd 2013shutterstock_66852985

I am often asked by patients if they should be using a mouthwash and if so, which one should they be using. Mouthwash can be used for several reasons and the requirement for use determines which type I would recommend.

If I see a specific bacterial infection or sore areas that have the potential to become infected are present, then I would recommend a mouthwash based on chlorhexidine. This is sold under several brand names- your pharmacist will be able to assist you. Chlorhexidine is a very effective antibacterial agent and should only be used under direction from your dentist.

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What Causes… Loose Teeth

November 9th 2013shutterstock_14438041

There are three main reasons why a tooth may become loose: gum disease, abscess or trauma.

In the situation of advanced gum disease- where the gums become swollen, sore and infected- the body’s response is to take the healthy bone away from the area of infection, ie. the area around the gums and teeth. The result is the destruction of the bone support around the tooth which leads to the tooth becoming loose. Initially the bone loss is at an angle to the root and with treatment there is hope that the bone will heal and the tooth can become firm again.

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