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Dr Mark has been treating children for his entire dental career and so is confident he can deal with most things they can throw at him! The key to a successful visit is to ensure that the child feels happy and relaxed in the dental clinic environment and with Dr Mark personally. The ideal approach to achieve this is for a child to grow up seeing their parents visiting the dentist regularly. In this way, from a young age the child sees a visit to the dentist as routine, normal and nothing to be afraid of. Even if they are just accompanying a parent we can still give them a ride in the ‘rocket chair’ (as one of our younger patients has named it!)

Child Examination & Polish just $35
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When to come and what to expect

We recommend that a child has his teeth examined for the first time at around 18-24mths, although if a child has had any trauma to the teeth before this age they should be brought in immediately whatever their age.

During a child’s examination the teeth are checked to ensure they are coming through correctly, that no cavities are forming and that they and the gums are healthy. It is also an opportunity to discuss any concerns a parent may have such as thumb sucking, pacifiers, diet etc. If required the child’s teeth will be polished to remove any stains although it is unusual for children to require full professional cleanings in the same way as an adult. It is recommended that a child has an examination every 6 months.

We have children’s books in reception about visiting the dentist to read with your child and all good children get a sticker to show how well they did!

“Thank you Dr. Osmond. Because of you my 8yr old son is no longer afraid of the Dentist!! #Friendly, Professional Staff and State-of-the-Art Equipment.”
Sherry B., Provo



Fissure Sealing
We recommend fissure sealing for children around the age of 6 or 7years, when the first adult molars are completely erupted.This is a preventative treatment whereby a liquid filling material is used to fill in the narrow fissures (grooves) in the molar teeth. The liquid is then set hard with the use of the curing light and works by preventing material getting into these hard to clean places and it is proven to reduce the risk of dental decay.

shutterstock_110438954 (570 x 600)How parents can help
• Let the child see you, the parents, regularly going to the dentist themselves
• Discuss going to the dentist in a positive way
• Ensure the child’s teeth are brushed twice a day
• For younger children, read suitable books about going to the dentist

Special Needs Children
Dr Mark has experience of dealing with children with special needs. We know that a dental visit might present particular problems and we want to help the child and parents to deal with it in the best way possible. When you book the appointment, please let us know about your child’s specific needs and any ways that we can help to make the experience as easy as possible.

Emergency Care
If your child has fallen and bumped teeth or had any type of trauma or accident involving their teeth, you should call us immediately on (649) 432 3777. In certain circumstances swift action can be the difference between saving and losing teeth.