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018Dr Mark is experienced in performing many aspects of oral surgery. Below is a brief outline of the some of the procedures he routinely performs at the clinic. These may be stand alone treatments or part of a bigger treatment plan.

I saw Dr Osmond after I saw a dentist in Miami who was unable to perform the complex surgery I needed. Dr Osmond was able to successfully treat me. He’s really good and very gentle.
Edmonde J, Provo




  • Routine extractions- the relatively straight forward removal of teeth, usually due to decay or periodontal disease
  • Complex or surgical extractions- for example where the crown is missing and only the root remains
  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Bone Graft- this may be required after an extraction, particularly if the patient is considering implants in the future. We also use a product called ‘Foundation’, which is a collagen based socket pack that aids healing after extraction.
  • Orthodontic extractions- an extraction that is required to enable orthodontic treatment to proceed
  • Gum/ Periodontal surgery- patients with periodontal problems can be surgically treated to reduce pocket depth
  • Crown lengthening- this is a surgical procedure that can be performed for restorative or cosmetic reasons