Whether you have come seeking complex surgery or just want a simple cleaning, your first appointment will involve a full dental examination. This will start with a chat about your general health, any medication you are currently being prescribed and whether you have been experiencing any specific dental problems.

Dr Mark will then go on to exam your teeth, gums and the general state of your mouth, and, with the help of the dental nurse, record information on the health of the teeth and gums and note any fillings, missing teeth, crowns, bridges, implants etc. This will all be saved on a computerized dental record or ‘chart’ that will become your own, personalized notes.

If any areas are identified as a potential problem, radiographs (x-rays) are taken. These reveal areas between and underneath the teeth, fillings and crowns and condition of the surrounding bone and so aid diagnosis. These are digital and are saved automatically to your dental records. Our x-ray equipment is some of the most modern available and is designed to minimize the patient (and staff) exposure to the x-ray waves.

I have always found the service to be of the highest quality. The offices are immaculate and the staff are informative, professional and welcoming. I would recommend this practice to anyone.
Paul M., Provo


Based on the findings of the examination, Dr Mark will discuss any recommended treatment. This can be as simple as a quick filling or cleaning or could involve more complex work. For the more complex cases, there can often be more than one option and Dr Mark will discuss with the patient what they want to achieve, any time or budgetary constraints and outline the pros and cons of the various options. He will produce one or more printed treatment plans which outline the number of appointments, the length of time required at that appointment and the cost. For more complex cases it is not unusual to produce several treatment plans.

shutterstock_29456044 (591 x 600)You are under no obligation and will not be put under any pressure to go ahead with any recommended treatment. However if you wish to go ahead with the treatment then we will book you a further appointment at a day and time convenient to you.

We are aware that with the more complex treatment plans the patient may want time to consider and we would encourage that the treatment plans are taken home, discussed with family and the patient ensures that they are comfortable with any planned treatment before we commence. Mark is happy to answer further questions if they arise, subsequent to the initial appointment.

When a treatment has been agreed upon we will commence the appointments and work through the plan. We are aware that often people have travel plans and are happy to work around those. Just let us know!