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shutterstock_83084620 (400 x 600)Dr Mark selected the lab (Zahntechnique in Miami) based on the high and consistent quality of their work. Their extensive experience, their attention to detail, the quality of the materials used and their ability to work closely with Mark to achieve each patient’s individual requirements enables them to produce excellent, beautifully made, natural- looking teeth. Mark has been working with Klaus and the team at Zahntechnique now for over seven years.

Every case that returns from the lab comes with certificates to show the quality of the materials used in the construction. This shows that the materials used are of the highest quality, FDA approved and from authorized sources.

Klaus keeps abreast of new developments in technologies and materials to ensure that we are able to offer the latest treatments available.

The normal length of time for lab cases is around in 2-3 weeks. However, if a faster turn-around is required, for example in the case of patients who are staying on island for only a couple of weeks, Mark and the team at the lab can work to accommodate the tighter timings. Please talk to us about timings and travel plans so we can work with you.

Dental Laboratories have responsibility for providing dentist clients with custom made, one off, dental restorations.  Each crown, bridge or implant must fit precisely and match the color of each individual mouth.  Our crowns can only be as good as the dentist who prepares the tooth.  It has been our privilege for 7 years to provide laboratory services for Dr. Osmond.  We are impressed with the up to date techniques, demand for perfection, and attention to detail he brings to his practice.  Each case he has sent us has been perfectly presented.
It is true that the dental laboratory “knows for sure” the quality of your dentist. Dr Osmond practices the highest quality of dentistry. Zahntechnique,Inc. is fortunate that Dr Osmond chose us to provide his laboratory services. Together we have created wonderful smiles for happy patients.
Klaus Lampmann CDT, Zahntechnique, Inc