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Soda and Your Teeth

February 23rd, 2013

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 You may have read recently in the press about a 25 year old man in Australia who has been fitted with dentures due to the fact that he drank so much soda that he lost all his teeth. According to the reports, the man refused to drink water and instead was drinking 6-8 litres of sugary coke per day. Although his dentist had warned him about the risks, he still refused to change his habits and ended up with such severe dental decay that it gave him blood poisoning. Ultimately he had all of his teeth removed and dentures fitted.

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Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

February 9th, 2013

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Crowns, Bridges & Veneers
When talking with patients about crowns, caps, post-crowns, bridges and veneers I find that there can sometimes be some confusion. In this article I want to explain the differences between them and when that particular course of treatment might be suitable.

A veneer is a thin porcelain cover designed to go on the outside surface of a tooth. Veneers are only used on front teeth and are generally used for cosmetic purposes, for example to restore chipped or broken teeth, or to change the colour, size or shape of teeth.

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