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Dental Myths Vol II

March 26th, 2012

shutterstock_60597862 (397 x 600)This is the second and final article dealing with myths or misunderstandings around teeth and dental care.

MYTH: Any type of dental treatment is very painful.
This may well have been true in the past and unfortunately some people still believe this to be the case, often due to bad experiences as children. However, this really is not true any longer. Advanced dental technology, techniques and drugs- especially anesthetics- mean that nowadays any pain experienced during and after dental procedures can be effectively managed with a steady hand.

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Dental Myths Vol I

March 12th 2016

shutterstock_30240271 (400 x 600)In the clinic I sometimes get asked some rather strange questions or hear some strange statements around the subject of how people care for their teeth. Some of these things are ineffective but harmless but some things can actually do more harm than good. Over the next couple of articles I wanted to consider, and where necessary correct, some commonly held misconceptions or misunderstandings concerned with dental care or treatment.

MYTH: There is no need to take care of children’s teeth as they all fall out and are replaced by adult teeth anyway.
TRUTH: This is absolutely wrong.

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